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Outdoor seafront library encourages rest and love of books

Designed by a team inspired by nature, Bulgaria’s seashell-shaped library provides seating, shade, bookshelves and a small stage.

App uses AI to stimulate users happiness

Austrian startup uses the latest research in mental health to encourage its users to record the everyday things that make them happy.

Platform lets readers microfinance news outlets of choice

A new platform provides a monthly subscription service that helps readers microfinance journalists and media companies with a single click.

Startup uses voice recognition to enhance bedtime stories

A new app developed for popular children’s books allows users to add sound effects to reading out loud.

News consumption app helps users diversify their sources

New app tracks a user’s reading habits and suggests alternative media sources in an attempt to broaden their views and intake.

New extensions identify fake Facebook news

A Princeton hackathon team built fIB and Daniel Sieradski created the B.S. Detector, both of which label Facebook news feed sources according to credibility.

Print magazine curates the best web content

Swipe is a free magazine targeting millennials, which curates the best of the internet in print for London’s commuters.

Flexible paywall can make different offers to different readers

Composer is a variable paywall system that enables publishing platforms to adapt their business model whenever they want, without any coding.

Startup offers acting lessons from Kevin Spacey and others

MasterClass offers USD 90 online lessons from some of the world’s most talented professionals, from Dustin Hoffman to Christina Aguilera.

Journalism pay-per-article platform aims to be Spotify for news

Blendle is a platform that lets readers make micropayments to access news articles behind paywalls without having to subscribe.

Five minute stories via Whatsapp

Leitura de Bolso — or Pocket Reading — is a new initiative, which offers five minute reads for free via Whatsapp.

Tool uses color gradients to improve reading speed

BeeLine Reader is a plugin that can improve reading speed, simply by introducing color gradients that guide the eye easily across the page.

Vibrator syncs with erotic fiction

Little Bird is a smart vibrator for lovers of erotic fiction, which syncs with digital short stories via the user’s smartphone.

The car owner’s manual drivers might actually read

Dacia collaborate with multiple writers and illustrators to create an updated car owner’s manual for the Gaudeamus book fair in Romania.