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IoT beehive protects bee life

A startup has developed a new sustainable beehive with IoT connectivity to eradicate deadly mites and keep bees safe.

Natural pesticide does not harm insects

Researchers have developed a natural pesticide that does not harm beneficial insects by combining genetic insights with new plant breeding methods.

EU project develops robotic cucumber harvester

The robot cucumber-picker is able to harvest ripe cucumbers without damaging them.

New banana has edible peel

A new growing method has resulted in a banana with an edible peel and a possible solution to food shortages

Biological house is built from upcycled farming waste

A collaborative project supported by the Danish Ministry of the Environment uses agricultural waste as building materials in sustainable housing.

Theme park for Italian food opens in Bologna

This food theme park showcases Italian produce at every stage – from the field and stable to the farmer’s market, kitchen and trattoria.

New sloth-like robot to help farmers monitor crops

Developed by the Georgia institute of Technology, Tarzan the Robot will hang from high wires and make crop monitoring a lot less laboursome.

Drone pollinators could help relieve overburdened bees

Researchers at Japan’s AIST institute found gel from a previous failed experiment and discovered that it can, with horse-hair covered drones, pollinate flowers.