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Gamified checkout offers users chance at a free online purchase

Luckycycle’s API enables online retailers to offer users rewards with gamified options at checkout, encouraging social media shares and repeat visits.

Real-time air pollution data for cities around the world

Israeli air quality start-up BreezoMeter provides businesses and local governments with real-time, actionable information on the current health of the local air.

Device creates smart home remote controls out of thin air

Hayo creates a 3D scan of connected homes, enabling users to turn surfaces or zones into remote controls for connected devices.

Fitness wearable automatically measures calorie intake

GoBe2 wearable automatically measures calorie intake by detecting cell glucose levels, enabling users to visualise how their body processes their diet without having to upload calories themselves.

Printable smart hive could save bees from dying out

A downloadable and printable beehive that can be equipped with smart tech to help crowd-source data about the insects living inside has been developed.