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Tech Explained: Autonomous driving

This Tech Explained focuses on autonomous vehicles – explore the workings behind the growing number of driverless cars

Flying robot can transform in mid-air`

A team of researchers have created a robot that uses a new flying technology and hopes its approach will enable the robot to pick up and drop items in future.

Autonomous wheelchair assists with user independence

The means of transport has been trialled by wheelchair users at Singapore’s Changi General Hospital.

Futuristic hoverbikes set to join Dubai’s police fleet

Currently under testing, the battery-powered vehicle could help officers fly above traffic jams in emergencies.

Flying robot can patrol homes autonomously while users are away

A new robotic home assistant is capable of autonomous launch, flight, picture-taking, redocking and can be accessed remotely for home security.

New robot inspects bridges for faults

A robotics team in Nevada has built an autonomous droid that can survey the health of bridges completely on its own using ground penetrating radar.

Robot fish to monitor water health in fish farms

A team of researchers from the Technical University of Madrid and the University of Florence have developed a robot fish that tests water pH levels and moves like a real fish.