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Protest beer asks everyone to help combat climate change

Made with ingredients from areas most affected by global warming, a limited edition beer is donating proceedings to a climate change charity.

Brewery producing lager from human urine

A Danish beer company is making a new drink called Pisner with ingredients that are being fertilised from 50,000 litres of festival urine. Welcome to “Beercycling”.

New beer brewed specifically for high altitude enjoyment

Because taste and smell alters at high altitude, the Hong Kong Brewing Company is brewing the Betsy beer for distribution on long-haul Cathay Pacific flights.

Amsterdam brewery turns rainwater into beer

Innovative beer is brewed using rainwater in an effort to reduce runoff and flooding in Amsterdam.

Smart beer tap speeds up service and improves efficiency

Pubinno’s connected Taptronics beer taps use touch screens to speed up serving time, provide the perfect amount of foam in each glass and track sales.