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New camera allows the blind to see photos

A new camera produces 3D photos that use a touch screen to allow everyone affected by sight loss to ‘see’ pictures through feel

Startup uses AI to fully automate retail stores

A new retail solution uses artificial intelligence to enhance the shopping experience and enables stores to operate unattended.

Mobile hyperspectral camera offers sample analysis in seconds

The mobile device allows users to analyse samples of material anywhere and can be used in almost any industry.

An ultra-thin camera is on its way

Engineers have developed a way to create a paper-thin camera with no lens or mechanical components.

Smart needle could revolutionise brain surgery

The University of Adelaide has developed a smart needle that helps surgeons detect and avoid vulnerable blood vessels during brain surgeries.

Device turns any iPhone into a 3D camera

Poppy turns iPhones into 3D cameras to allow users to add originality to their captured moments.