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Hyundai unveils a walking car

Vehicle with robotic legs can walk, climb and jump over five foot walls

Ad agency turns Youtube views into cars

Dutch agency has worked with one of the largest car manufacturers to launch an ad campaign that trades YouTube views for new cars.

Rental car lets kids color the upholstery

American car rental company has developed a prototype vehicle in which every surface can be colored-in to keep kids busy.

Dragonfly sight could improve driverless cars

Researchers are using the predictive sight ability of the dragonfly to help improve driverless cars.

Flying car crosses the English channel

French company Vaylon has successfully managed to cross the channel with its flying car – the Pegasus.

Start-up develops app which gives cars ears

AudioHound sound recognition software can be used to monitor a car’s mechanical health and environmental surroundings.

Luxurious car hosts foodies touring Tokyo’s gourmet scene

All-Star Restaurant offers seven-course meals showcasing Tokyo’s varied food scene delivered via UberEATS to a luxurious Volvo, which acts as a moving restaurant.

Driverless car insurance protects against hacking

An insurance company is offering insurance for all aspects of driverless cars, such as automated parking and the hacking of connected systems.