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Food waste converted into fibres for textiles

A material science startup company is focusing on recycling agricultural and post-consumer waste into high quality sustainable textiles.

Synthetic spider silk makes its way into fashion

A biotech company is transforming the fashion industry by introducing clothing made with bioengineered spider silk

AI tool complements the work of stylists

Luxury online fashion retailer is developing an AI-powered tool that will help ensure customers get their choice right first time.

Biodegradable clothing grown using waste methane

A new company hopes to use waste methane to grow bio-polyester for use in clothing manufacture.

Winter garment offers rapid heating via integrated pads

Polar Seal has developed lightweight heating pads integrated within garments, controlled via buttons on the wrist, that heat up within 10 seconds.

New shoe range has interchangeable heels

A new range of women’s shoes transforms from heels to flats and back again in seconds.