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Electric taxi uses singing as payment

A new shuttle service accepts singing as a form of payment to encourage festival goers to participate in a sustainable future.

Startup designs smart electric SUV concept

An electrical vehicle startup has released a concept design for a SUV that uses smart technology, including facial recognition and hand gesture controls.

EasyJet to launch electric plane within 10 years

UK-based airline goes into partnership with US startup to develop a range of electric-powered aircraft.

Robotic eel can find water pollution source

The ‘Envirobot’ robo-eel can move around in open water and take pollution measurements without disturbing the habitat.

Top 10 Eco & Sustainability Innovations 2017

We’ve picked out our top ten Eco & Sustainability articles from the last 12 months on Springwise, designed to provide entrepreneurs with plenty of fresh inspiration for the future.

The world’s first self charging electric folding bike

A bike that uses a kinetic energy recovery system to charge while cyclists pedal and break, meaning you never have to plug it in.