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Flying car uses all-electric power

A one-person aircraft powered by lithium polymer batteries is designed to be flown over water and non-congested areas.

Airline launches crowdfunding website for flight tickets

A crowdfunding campaign has been launched by a British airline to help travel lovers get the gift they want this Christmas.

EasyJet to launch electric plane within 10 years

UK-based airline goes into partnership with US startup to develop a range of electric-powered aircraft.

New beer brewed specifically for high altitude enjoyment

Because taste and smell alters at high altitude, the Hong Kong Brewing Company is brewing the Betsy beer for distribution on long-haul Cathay Pacific flights.

Free luggage wrapping service used as advertising

Samsonite wrapped more than 1,200 suitcases in one day in Spain’s Palma airport for passengers agreeing to display a large “I Wish I Had A Samsonite” sign.

No waste, edible emergency drone carries more food

An eco-friendly, humanitarian food aid drone adaptable for local dietary requirements has been created by adventurer Nigel Gifford OBE.

Service offers luggage-free travel to frequent fliers

Singapore-based service enables passengers to travel with only a passport, through a wardrobe storage service that delivers to their hotel every time they land.