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Game app promotes São Paulo museum

A new app helps promote the connection between train and subway services and the São Paulo art museum.

Pong being converted into a coffee table

The Godfather of video games is being turned into a real-life physical form game that also doubles up as a retro coffee table.

Easter-themed AR game takes users on egg hunt

Add / Remove British Land has released a smartphone adventure that will give visitors to its 18 nationwide shopping centres the chance to go on an Easter egg hunt. Using augmented reality through a smartphone, users will be able to set off on a family adventure around the shopping centres in search of golden eggs. […]

New augmented reality game encourages theft

Add / Remove Using AR mechanics not unlike Pokemon GO!, Snatch is the latest iOS and Android game that encourages users to go on a real-life treasure hunt seeking digital collectables. The main difference here is that once parcels have been collected, users have to keep them safe for six hours from other players out […]

Cross-border children’s game connects young people

Social marketing agency FCB created Tug of Hope to connect children in different locations and circumstances as a way of celebrating shared humanity.

News site created to break down online echo chambers

A US-based website is designed to encourage its readership to empathise with those on the other side of the fence.

Social gaming meets mobile micro-lending

A new gaming innovation allows players to donate to microloan payments and developers to boost their revenue at the same time.

Virtual reality game teaches emergency birth care

The award-winning LIFE game from an Oxford University team uses VR to teach healthcare professionals emergency medical care for newborns in distress.