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Online gamers control trash collecting water robot

To help clean Chicago’s river, a charity created a remote-controlled trash-collecting robot that players online can access and direct.

Gamified blockchain is built on the Ethereum network

This venture studio created the collectible, breedable cats powered by blockchain that are proving so popular that network traffic has slowed.

AR gaming app brings wild animals to life

Nairobi startup hopes its app will educate gamers about animal habits and the danger of extinction.

Formula 1 announces winner of first eSport series

The Formula 1 Esports Series is out to find the best virtual F1 driver in the world.

AR teddy bear is an educational tool for kids

Tech-free soft toy becomes an augmented reality learning experience with an app for smart devices.

Smartphone game helps bereaved young people cope with death

Game based on enchanting island has been designed to help families grieve and develop emotional resilience.

VR headset add-on creates scents for wearers

A scent-creating device is thought to be the smallest of its kind and compatible with existing VR headsets.

Pong being converted into a coffee table

The Godfather of video games is being turned into a real-life physical form game that also doubles up as a retro coffee table.

New augmented reality game encourages theft

Add / Remove Using AR mechanics not unlike Pokemon GO!, Snatch is the latest iOS and Android game that encourages users to go on a real-life treasure hunt seeking digital collectables. The main difference here is that once parcels have been collected, users have to keep them safe for six hours from other players out […]

Cross-border children’s game connects young people

Social marketing agency FCB created Tug of Hope to connect children in different locations and circumstances as a way of celebrating shared humanity.