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Handheld location tracker works in real-time

A startup has successfully funded a new technology that provides peer-to-peer, real-time, location tracking without needing phones or internet connection.

Top 3 Travel Innovations 2018

We have picked for you some of the latest innovations that are changing the way we experience travel. From personalised travel insurance to energy self-sufficient hotels, the travel industry is ready for disruption and embracing sustainability at its core.

New travel insurance app uses geolocation

A new travel insurance app turns itself on and off automatically based on the user’s location

Crowdsourced app targets counterfeit products

A new platform allows companies to determine where along the supply chain their products may be vulnerable to counterfeiting.

New augmented reality game encourages theft

Add / Remove Using AR mechanics not unlike Pokemon GO!, Snatch is the latest iOS and Android game that encourages users to go on a real-life treasure hunt seeking digital collectables. The main difference here is that once parcels have been collected, users have to keep them safe for six hours from other players out […]

AI can predict where epidemics will happen

AIME use big data and AI algorithms to pinpoint the geolocation of dengue fever outbreaks, three months before they occur.