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App personalizes sound for each ear

A new app optimizes every phone call for the individual’s needs, including adapting to contextual sound.

Mobile farm helps community grow produce

A Beijing architecture company have designed a bike farm to help the community grow produce without the need for land or space

Mobile app aims to curb drunken overspending

DrnkPay is set to help users rope themselves in when they’ve had too much to drink and bars them from using their cards and online banks.

Shopping and sharing made easier with image-based app

San Francisco-based mobile e-commerce company developed an app that uses an image-based keyboard to more quickly share favorite products with contacts.

Tiny podcast studio provides full recording facilities

London’s Fathom Architects created the Pod, a mobile recording studio for businesses and individuals in west London’s White City Place.

Yogurt company providing mobile coupons via TV ad

The yogurt company has introduced a new TV ad campaign that includes a mobile call-to-action to receive money-off coupon.

Device turns any iPhone into a 3D camera

Poppy turns iPhones into 3D cameras to allow users to add originality to their captured moments.