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Best of 2017

We have picked 10 of the most inspiring and popular business ideas from the Springwise Innovation Intelligence database over the last 12 months.

Surfers develop trash can for the ocean

A new project helps clean up the oceans with a floating debris interception device.

Eco-conscious buoy alerts beachgoers to riptides

Clever GIRL buoy detects fast-moving riptides, which power a turbine that activates a strobe light to alert beach users to the presence of the deadly currents.

Beach plastic repurposed into sleek kitchenware

Supercyclers design collective has enlisted designers to create attractive kitchen tabletop objects made entirely of reclaimed ocean plastics from Australian beaches.

New research could make oceans cleaner

Scientists in the UK have found a way to replace plastic microbeads with biodegradable beads made from cellulose.

New toy range teaches kids about sea pollution

Conservation society Sea Shepherd has released the Pollutoys, a line of plush toys that show children the effects of plastic pollution on marine life.

Discarded flip flops turned into gifts and works of art

Kenya’s Ocean Sole flip flop recycling company turns potential marine pollution into employment opportunities for artisans who create gifts and sculptures.