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Startup provides companies with reusable packaging

A new packaging startup offers companies a sustainable shipping model with reusable packaging made from recycled materials.

Concentrated cleaning materials reduce pollution and waste

Dutch company aims to reduce plastic waste and CO2 emissions from transport by removing the water that makes up 80 per cent of cleaning products’ ingredients.

Zero-packaging grocery store opens in the UK

A family-run shop in Devon is committed to not producing waste packaging, encouraging customers to bring their own containers.

Clay packaging keeps food fresh for longer

Researchers have developed a packaging film made from clay nanotubules that can keep food fresh for longer.

MIT develops pasta that morphs

A team of researchers has made a new type of pasta from starch and gelatin that changes shape when added to water.

Cook meals in washing machines

Tel Aviv-based design student has created food bags that can be added to the laundry cycle to cook dinner at the same time.

Living packaging lets consumers pick fresh fruit at home

Nurture is food packaging that incorporates the living roots of fruit and vegetables to allow them to continue ripening until they’re ready to eat.