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Device creates music using plants

A new device uses electrodes to let users listen to the sounds made by plants.

Flower lollipop can be planted once eaten

A new line of floral-infused lollipops includes biodegradable sticks with seeds that can be planted.

Startup aims to move large-scale farming indoors

A new building design from Swedish startup would create an indoor large-scale, carbon-neutral farm that can be fit into urban environments.

Smart plant wall purifies indoor air

Finland-based Naava has developed a remotely-monitored smart wall of plants that constantly purifies indoor air, providing spaces with a fresh, clean supply.

Ancient irrigation technique waters plants for a month

Egyptian company Clayola’s tiny handmade clay pots use gravity to water plants for up to a month and can be connected to create a larger irrigation system.

Robotic jacket mimics plants to regulate body temperature

US based startup has launched a sports jackets that uses state-of-the-art robotics to automatically change its thermal protection and adapt to the wearers environmental conditions.