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Handheld location tracker works in real-time

A startup has successfully funded a new technology that provides peer-to-peer, real-time, location tracking without needing phones or internet connection.

Connected micro dishwasher cooks and saves water

Small enough to sit on a countertop yet large enough to wash two full place settings, the dishwasher can also do steam cooking.

Tiny device detects if water is safe to drink

A portable device analyses the electric field around the water it is submerged in to detect if it is safe to consume.

Soap crayon encourages children to wash their hands

A group of designers from India have created a hand washing tool for children to help them learn about hygiene from an early age. 

Mini wind turbine charges devices via USB

Designed for oceanographers, the Waterlily Micro Turbine uses wind, water or manual power to charge any device using a USB port.

Foldable and portable, boat can sail, kayak or run on solar

Montenegro-based HYPAR Smart Boat is a modular, portable, sustainable boat design that can be used in three ways, as well as carried as a backpack.

Portable, mobile dark room develops film anywhere

Swiss analog film specialists ars-imago international worked with Italian VIVO Design Studio to create LAB-BOX for on-the-go film development, even in daylight.

Lamp simulates sunshine for windowless rooms

A design student from Zhejiang University in China has created a lamp that simulates sunlight to improve the quality of life for those living in windowless rooms.

Solar energy for serial renters

Arcadia Power has created a service that allows those typically barred from installing solar panels to invest in green energy.

Updated first-aid kit has touchscreen how-to guides

Created by 19Labs and AT&T, the GALE Smart Portable Health Center provides connected health sensors and one touch calls to health professionals.