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Outdoor seafront library encourages rest and love of books

Designed by a team inspired by nature, Bulgaria’s seashell-shaped library provides seating, shade, bookshelves and a small stage.

Where Are They Now?: BeeLine Reader

We spoke to co-founder Nick Lum, who is on a mission to create significant impact in the area of of accessibility and working with many organizations, including Springwise, to support literacy and reading efficiency.

Startup uses voice recognition to enhance bedtime stories

A new app developed for popular children’s books allows users to add sound effects to reading out loud.

News consumption app helps users diversify their sources

New app tracks a user’s reading habits and suggests alternative media sources in an attempt to broaden their views and intake.

New wallpaper can tell bedtime stories

French DIY giant Castorama has made Magic Wallpaper, the first ever interactive wallpaper that can tell kids a multitude of different stories.

News site created to break down online echo chambers

A US-based website is designed to encourage its readership to empathise with those on the other side of the fence.