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Eco-friendly building uses interlocking wooden bricks

With three sizes available, the patented system of building with interlocking wood bricks makes construction projects quick and easy to self-assemble in days.

Flower lollipop can be planted once eaten

A new line of floral-infused lollipops includes biodegradable sticks with seeds that can be planted.

Compostable bottle helps reduce plastic pollution

French packaging company is manufacturing bottles made from a completely plant-based, fully biodegradable and recyclable bioplastic.

Eco-friendly toothbrush is powered with a twist

Billed as the first battery-free powered toothbrush, a new oral care device has in-built kinetic energy storage and is 100 percent recyclable.

Waterproof notepad for writing while showering

Michigan-based AquaNotes’ waterproof notepad and pencil were developed after the founder became frustrated at forgetting the ideas he had while showering.