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Ultra-thin temperature sensor is biodegradable and biocompatible

Engineers have developed biocompatible microsensors that can be attached to food to measure temperature and check freshness.

Nanosensor sniffs out airborne food pathogens

A new sensor can detect food-borne illnesses in a matter of hours, helping to contain outbreaks before they become widespread and potentially deadly.

Wearable patch analyses athletes’ sweat

A new wearable patch can analyse sweat to evaluate glucose levels, hydration, electrolyte and other measurements of fitness.

New range of smart tech enhances cricket games

The tech heavyweight Intel has partnered with the International Cricket Council (ICC) to bring a new batch of innovations to the world of cricket.

Smart t-shirt developed with respiratory monitor

Canadian researchers have designed a t-shirt that has respiration sensors that can monitor a user’s breathing rate without any wires and connects to a local radio device.

New credit card uses biometric fingerprinting to pay

Mastercard recently unveiled its biometric credit card that uses the owner’s fingerprint to authorize payments in place of a pin number.