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New elevator system is rope-free

Thyssenkrupp has developed a new elevator technology that could help cater for 70 percent more people living in cities by the end of the century.

Ultra luxurious Japanese train unveiled

The Train Suite Shiki-shima is a slow yet incredibly futuristic train that caters for customers who want to enjoy a relaxed journey through Japan.

New site touted as Yelp for disabled people

New Australian site will let users with disabilities rate services based on how good they are for the disabled.

Smart beer tap speeds up service and improves efficiency

Pubinno’s connected Taptronics beer taps use touch screens to speed up serving time, provide the perfect amount of foam in each glass and track sales.

AI social bots earn their keep via service provision

Intelligent online beings that evolve to best fit the needs of online communities are currently being created by the Bazillion Beings team in Armenia.