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New shoes made from recycled gum

A fashion company is marketing a new sneaker with soles made from recycled gum.

Graphene-coated shoes keep feet cooler

New patented technology utilize graphene embedded in a polyurethane layer in soles to provide better cooling, durability and reduced odor.

Mobile robot factory stitches sandals on demand

Shoe manufacturing company is touring the world with a robotic arm that can make a shoe in half the time of a human.

Self-assemble footwear eliminates sweatshop labour

A South Korean firm is currently fundraising for a whole new kind of shoe that’s completely modular so customers build it themselves to their own design.

Trainers made from algae help the environment

A shoe manufacturer has teamed up with San Diego-based Bloom to use algae harvested from waste in streams.

New shoe range has interchangeable heels

A new range of women’s shoes transforms from heels to flats and back again in seconds.

Woven, recycled plastic shoes are long-wearing and washable

San Francisco design company Rothy’s produces stylish women’s shoes from woven, recycled plastic that can be washed over and over again.