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Smart hat helps truck drivers stay awake

A new wearable uses sound, light and vibration to alert drivers when they are starting to doze off behind the wheel.

Art student creates unique app to make us better our habits

New app takes smart living to a new level by linking a plant’s watering routine to your own fitness, sleep or dieting schedules.

Smart pillow mimics natural light for healthy wake-up

Los Angeles design company Mode has created the Sunrise Pillow to help improve the health of sleep by waking users through a simulation of natural morning light.

Crib that mimics a car to help babies sleep

In Spain, Ford have developed a new crib reproduces the movements and sounds of a car to promote their Max vehicle.

Wearable ring trains users to sleep better by waking them up

Using a wearable ring, a research-based sleep-training method wakes users up at regular intervals to improve sleep in the long-term.

Eco-mattress in a box

US-based Keetsa has developed a new range of mattresses using sustainable components including recycled steel and scrap memory foam.