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Tech Explained: 5G

5G promises to make mobile connectivity vastly faster, so how does it work and what is the price to pay for increased convenience in the IoT network?

Concrete tiles redirect rainwater to plants

An architecture firm have designed a modular concrete sidewalk tile with holes for redirecting rainwater to reduce flooding risks and raise climate change awareness.

Tech Explained: Internet of Things

Latest in our Tech Explained series, a 2 minute read to bring you up to speed with the concept of ‘Internet of Things’.

New elevator design could disrupt city infrastructure

A new elevator concept uses magnets and a rollercoaster-style rail design to enable greater degrees of freedom for transporting people, and more, around skyscrapers and across cities.

Atmospheric lamp harvests its energy from plants

A new lamp designed by Dutch company uses the photosynthetic process to derive power from living plants.

Where Are They Now?: Pavegen

We spoke to Laurence Kemball-Cook, founder of Pavegen whose expansion plans could see more cities using the electricity generating paving slab making energy more sustainable and accessible worldwide.

Old prison becomes new eco city neighborhood

Amsterdam’s Bijlmerbajes prison will be redeveloped into a car-free, mixed-use district that focuses on community, recycling and reuse.

AI can predict where epidemics will happen

AIME use big data and AI algorithms to pinpoint the geolocation of dengue fever outbreaks, three months before they occur.