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New elevator design could disrupt city infrastructure

A new elevator concept uses magnets and a rollercoaster-style rail design to enable greater degrees of freedom for transporting people, and more, around skyscrapers and across cities.

On demand office spaces for Tokyo commuters

A new partnership brings bookable office booths to its busy stations, with users able to book space via an app.

Smart shoe sends and receives hands-free morse code messages

France-based startup patents technology for smart shoes that reduce the need for other wearables and helps industrial workers keep in touch via toe-tapped codes.

Cycling bell beams inside cars

Insurance firm AXA has dreamt up a cycling bell that emits a regular bell warning, and taps into surrounding cars’ radios and comes out of the speakers.

New app pays for videos of drivers who text

San Francisco startup has launched a software which aims to crack down on drivers texting behind the wheel by offering citizens money for their video evidence.

New kiosk machine pays out for old batteries

Coop Norway and Swedish firm Refind have launched a new reverse vending machine that encourages people to recycle their flat batteries.

Transparent house filters air and light

US-based SO-IL and MINI Living have collaborated on a house designed to purify the air and to bring the outside indoors.

New cycling system helps riders beat red lights

Dutch city of Utrecht is pioneering a new system called Flo, which detects cyclists’ speeds and advises on whether to speed up or slow down to make the green lights.

Swiss hospitals use drones to deliver lab samples

Swiss Post is pioneering urban healthcare delivery via drone between two hospitals in Lugano using the US-based Matternet’s latest quadrocopter.

Talent management and hiring platform reduces gender gap

North America-based SheWorks! matches employers with professional women for a worldwide, remote workforce that helps companies close the global gender gap.

Digital driving logbook and app for learners

Australian insurance company AAMI has introduced the SmartPlates app, a digital driving tracker and coach, as well as peer scoreboard, for learner drivers.