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Ultra-thin temperature sensor is biodegradable and biocompatible

Engineers have developed biocompatible microsensors that can be attached to food to measure temperature and check freshness.

Robotic eel can find water pollution source

The ‘Envirobot’ robo-eel can move around in open water and take pollution measurements without disturbing the habitat.

New smart trainers self-tighten and adjust temperature

The Digitsole Smartshoe not only connects to a smartphone and lets the user monitor and interact, it self-tightens and has heated soles.

Temperature responsive clothing heats and cools wearer

When used in clothing, Otherlab’s new textile detects changes in the temperature and inflates or deflates accordingly, eliminating the need for multiple layers.

Embedded temperature sensors keep fruit fresh in transit

A Swiss research institute has created replica fruits with embedded temperature sensors that send real-time monitoring data to suppliers and exporters.

Eco-friendly wearable could replace aircon

Penn State scientists have used nanotechnology to develop what could become personal cooling units.