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Top 7 Sustainable Food Ideas

Our latest Top 7 list highlights the most innovative sustainable solutions in the food industry

Empowerment tool for women maps cases of harassment

A new app empowers women in Brazil by recording gender-based violence in public spaces.

Mobile hyperspectral camera offers sample analysis in seconds

The mobile device allows users to analyse samples of material anywhere and can be used in almost any industry.

Portable sonic tool revolutionises cleaning

A US tech company have created an ultrasonic cleaning device that can clean anything with the aid of a very small amount of water.

AI tool complements the work of stylists

Luxury online fashion retailer is developing an AI-powered tool that will help ensure customers get their choice right first time.

Obfuscation plugin clicks on every online ad

A plugin that clicks on every single ad encountered by the user renders the data gathering attempt by advertisers and search engines futile.