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Museum collaborates with radio stations for on-the-go highway art experience

Nine-meter high replicas are positioned alongside one of the country’s main highways, with local radio stations providing commentary to encourage people to re-engage with art.

Nation issues a mandatory eco pledge

The island nation of Palau has changed its laws so that all visitors must sign a pledge to act in an ecologically responsible way while on the island.

Virtual aquarium tunnel speeds up security checks

A new biometric security system at Dubai International Airport will use electronic fish to enhance travel procedures.

Pay-by-fingerprint programme for tourists goes nationwide

Japan is introducing a system that will allow tourists to use fingerprints for payments while traveling.

Instagram algorithm shows spots favored by locals

Computer scientists at Russian university have developed a way to mine Instagram data to offer visitors a more authentic travel experience.

Theme park for Italian food opens in Bologna

This food theme park showcases Italian produce at every stage – from the field and stable to the farmer’s market, kitchen and trattoria.

Futuristic design combines travel and hotel stays

A student architect has proposed creating hotels whose rooms can be transported by giant pneumatic tubes – with the guests inside.

Luggage tag offers audio tips for tourists visiting Amsterdam

The location-aware device is powered by GPS and is installed with a speaker that reacts at points of interest around the city.