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Crisp packet codes track the snack’s origins

An international manufacturer of potato chips hopes to teach its customers on how their crisps came to be.

Decoy sea turtle egg is a tracker for poachers

A new low-cost device uses geotagging technology to deter and reduce the illegal wildlife trade.

Smart Ring that tracks your vitamin D

Add / Remove Dutch health technology company e-Senses is currently trying to raise funds on Indiegogo for its new gadget the Helios Smart Ring. Billed as the world’s first sunlight, daylight and vitamin D tracker, users will wear it like any other ring and its UV index and ambient light sensors calculate all the sun […]

Digital driving logbook and app for learners

Australian insurance company AAMI has introduced the SmartPlates app, a digital driving tracker and coach, as well as peer scoreboard, for learner drivers.

Smart climbing coach maps performance and gives training

The Whipper is Mbientlab’s clip-on fitness tracker, which sends information on pace, vertical feet, effort and more directly to climbers’ smartphones.

In-ear nutritionist tells diners when they’re eating too fast

Currently seeking funding through Indiegogo, Bitbite is an in-ear tracker that’s able to quantify eating behaviors — down to chewing speed — and offer health recommendations.