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Whirlpool turbine creates fish-friendly hydropower

New Belgian energy company uses a simple turbine construction to create round-the-clock water-powered electricity for remote communities without harming the environment.

Tiny device detects if water is safe to drink

A portable device analyses the electric field around the water it is submerged in to detect if it is safe to consume.

Compostable bottle helps reduce plastic pollution

French packaging company is manufacturing bottles made from a completely plant-based, fully biodegradable and recyclable bioplastic.

Robotic eel can find water pollution source

The ‘Envirobot’ robo-eel can move around in open water and take pollution measurements without disturbing the habitat.

New method clears micropollutants from water

Researchers at MIT have developed an electrochemical system to remove very small concentrations of specific pollutants from water.

New pilot plant provides ‘energy on demand’

An Australian energy company has partnered with a university research center to develop a revolutionary power plant that offers unlimited energy on demand.

Eco-conscious buoy alerts beachgoers to riptides

Clever GIRL buoy detects fast-moving riptides, which power a turbine that activates a strobe light to alert beach users to the presence of the deadly currents.

IoT water conservation system hopes to reduce waste

Two American business firms collaborate to create a new smart home system that monitors a home’s water usage and sends the data to a user’s smartphone.