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Tech Explained: LiFi

Our new Tech Explained brings you up to speed with a new system that could replace WiFi

Wearable device detects consumer emotions

Startup’s stress sensor tracks users’ unconscious responses to products and experiences.

Researchers develop dust-sized BMI

Engineers have developed a brain-machine interface device that is small enough to attach to small groups of neurons.

VR system allows robots to be controlled remotely

The new system could change the future of manufacturing jobs allowing workers to operate machines from anywhere in the world.

VR headset add-on creates scents for wearers

A scent-creating device is thought to be the smallest of its kind and compatible with existing VR headsets.

Smart t-shirt developed with respiratory monitor

Canadian researchers have designed a t-shirt that has respiration sensors that can monitor a user’s breathing rate without any wires and connects to a local radio device.

The world’s first self charging electric folding bike

A bike that uses a kinetic energy recovery system to charge while cyclists pedal and break, meaning you never have to plug it in.