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Ethical beauty brand introduces blend-it-yourself

NYC-based skin and haircare company uses only organic, food-grade superfood ingredients in its personalized products.

NFC-enabled packaging offers beauty tips

Beauty lovers can scan hair styling products with their smartphone to view tutorials and detailed item information.

Concentrated cleaning materials reduce pollution and waste

Dutch company aims to reduce plastic waste and CO2 emissions from transport by removing the water that makes up 80 per cent of cleaning products’ ingredients.

Soap crayon encourages children to wash their hands

A group of designers from India have created a hand washing tool for children to help them learn about hygiene from an early age. 

AR helps dental patients see final results

The technology could eradicate the need for expensive moulds and wearable false teeth currently produced to demonstrate results to clients.

New research could make oceans cleaner

Scientists in the UK have found a way to replace plastic microbeads with biodegradable beads made from cellulose.

Tattoo captures and plays back sound

California tattoo artist develops a design technique and app to allow users to play back recorded words and music embedded in a tattoo.

Smartphone attachment lets users see skin damage

A smartphone accessory developed by South Korean company Community Co. Led, uses UV light to let users see the true health and condition of their skin.

New shopping baskets for just browsing or help wanted

South Korean beauty brand Innisfree introduced color-coded shopping baskets for customers to indicate whether or not they want to speak to a salesperson.

Beauty classes help prepare women for job interviews

French beauty brand Sephora launched Classes for Confidence in 85 stores across the United States, to help women re-entering the workforce.