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Robot server delivers food in restaurants

A California startup has developed a robot that delivers food and clears tables in restaurants

App informs customers of restaurant noise levels

Restaurant and cafe goers can choose establishments based on loudness ratings provided by an app.

Restaurant allows diners to buy food and furnishings

Immersive shopping experience allows diners to purchase almost all the furnishings and tableware along with their meal

New partnership provides meals personalized to precise health needs

A partnership between a restaurant and a DNA tester allows customers to design meals tailored to their exact nutritional needs.

Self-disinfecting device keeps hospital doors germ-free

Scientists from a University of Leeds spin-off company have created a specially-engineered textile to prevent deadly hospital-acquired infections.

Instagram algorithm shows spots favored by locals

Computer scientists at Russian university have developed a way to mine Instagram data to offer visitors a more authentic travel experience.

Theme park for Italian food opens in Bologna

This food theme park showcases Italian produce at every stage – from the field and stable to the farmer’s market, kitchen and trattoria.

European supermarket chain sells food made with insects

The second largest supermarket chain in Switzerland is set to offer customers the alternative food after a change in laws early this year.

Connected device provides discreet on-the-spot food allergen testing

Ally is an affordable, easily transportable bluetooth-enabled device that lets users test for food allergens, with results immediately available via an app.