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Designer’s film flags serious issues surrounding society’s obsession with productivity

Add / Remove Spotted: A film by designer Keiichi Matsuda offers a frightening look at the dangers of automation and society’s obsession with productivity. The film is part of the designer’s ongoing work that looks at the dark side of technology. The short four-minute, 360-degree-film documents the life of an unnamed accountant who unconsciously, and then consciously, […]

Software can isolate one sound in a video

A new AI software can locate image regions which produce sounds and isolate the sound of individual instruments without needing additional manual supervision.

Dance performance uses VR to create immersive experience

A new performance piece combines dance and VR to give viewers the perspective of a speck of dust floating through the performance

TV Network hopes to make space videos accessible to all

Sen’s vision for Space TV is to capture space data and videos on Earth and space, making it accessible to anyone with a smartphone.

Linked phones encrypt sex tapes, require consent to view

New Zealand startup Rumuki created an iOS app that lets users encrypt on-phone videos for secure viewing and storage.

Silent, healthy snacks remove the aggro for theatregoers

TodayTix, a last minute theatre ticket app, is offering Silent Snacks, such as dehydrated fruit slices, for a select performances that don’t produce any audible aggravation for others.

3D cinemas without the glasses

Researchers at MIT’s CSAIL develop a screen with a series of slits that create optimized 3D views from various angles, paving the way for 3D cinema screens.

Tool for build-your-own video streaming sites

Using AI to find audiences for new content, smart video tech company Unreel Entertainment launches, a platform for custom-built streaming sites.

Summer camp for hopeful YouTubers

Summer camps in the US and Spain are offering activities based around the world of online entertainment, hosted by famous YouTubers.

Startup offers acting lessons from Kevin Spacey and others

MasterClass offers USD 90 online lessons from some of the world’s most talented professionals, from Dustin Hoffman to Christina Aguilera.

Global record label for street musicians

Sound of Change aims to expand street musicians’ audiences by bringing them online, through the videos of up-and-coming filmmakers.