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Protecting digital identities and the future of cybersecurity

We spoke to entrepreneur Jeff Hagins of Woven to find out how creating a system of distributed digital identity could prevent data breaches and replace the need for other types of cybersecurity solutions in the future.

Are you looking at me?

Why companies like to turn products into people.

Lab Results

By combining the hard data of medicine with the soft skills of presentation and public speaking, the Booth Healthcare Analytics Laboratory is giving new solutions to students — and new life to hospitals.

The next generation of enterprise

The New Venture Challenge, which is marking its 20th anniversary, has helped turn student startups into thriving companies.

Welcome to Nerdopolis

How knowledge workers are reshaping the map of the global economy.

What your future self can teach you

The ‘future you’ can help you be wealthier, healthier, and more generous in the present