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Free life coaching sessions offered with every purchase

A womenswear brand is offering free life coaching sessions with every purchase to help women gain more confidence and empowerment

Synthetic spider silk makes its way into fashion

A biotech company is transforming the fashion industry by introducing clothing made with bioengineered spider silk

Online luxury retailer launches new store concept

A new experiential store aims to replicate the best aspects of the online experience by combining technology with luxury retail shopping.

Airline offers new luxury cabins

Top-end customers can look forward to suites furnished with a full-flat bed and packed with the latest tech.

AI tool complements the work of stylists

Luxury online fashion retailer is developing an AI-powered tool that will help ensure customers get their choice right first time.

Futuristic hoverbikes set to join Dubai’s police fleet

Currently under testing, the battery-powered vehicle could help officers fly above traffic jams in emergencies.

US startup releases lab-grown leather

New Jersey-based startup is a pioneer in biologically advanced materials creating the first ever biofabricated materials brand

New device can spot fake luxury goods

A new on-demand authentication solution hopes to enable trust in high-value goods transactions.