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New ad doubles as a pregnancy test

A new magazine ad, which can be used as a pregnancy test, has led to new advances in surface materials.

Virtual reality used to honour the dead

Expensive burials in Hong Kong have led an entrepreneur to adopt virtual reality technology to celebrate the deceased.

Mobile farm helps community grow produce

A Beijing architecture company have designed a bike farm to help the community grow produce without the need for land or space

Internet phone lets users browse the web without a screen

Users simply call a webpage’s IP address and The Internet Phone reads content listed on the site in question.

Brewery producing lager from human urine

A Danish beer company is making a new drink called Pisner with ingredients that are being fertilised from 50,000 litres of festival urine. Welcome to “Beercycling”.

Cemetery visits with an interactive twist

Interactive tombstone created by a Slovenian company lets you digitally connect with your deceased relatives and loved ones.

First self-driving bicycle from the Netherlands

Add / Remove We have seen new technologies developing around the world to make city transport more sustainable, from an electric scooter that can be unlocked by an app to a driverless 3D printed bus that gathers data via sensors for continuous adjustment of the route. This spring, Google Netherlands is introducing the first self-driving […]

Burglar alarm for mice

New internet-connect mousetraps from Rentokil humanely departs captured mice, sending an alert when the trap has triggered.

Pizza lovers rejoice! Pizza wedding registry now available!

For couples more in love with hot cheese than fine china, Domino’s Pizza now offers a wedding registry in the form of eGift cards in a variety of values.

Adult teether

EZ Teether is an adult teething device designed to ease the pain of wisdom teeth.

Hands-free dog poo bag keeps sidewalks clean

Comfortable for dogs to wear, the Piqapoo collects dog poo so owners don’t have to, making walks more pleasant and public spaces cleaner.