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Top 5 Global Startups on the Springwise Radar 2019

In our latest Top 5 we have selected a sample of innovations to give you a flavour of the disruption we expect to see in the coming year. Through the Springwise lens we have also curated a special report identifying 20 startups to watch out for in 2019.

Top 5 solutions to take back control of your data

The digital world is as omnipresent and influential as the real one nowadays, and so managing your data is a pressing concern for many users. Discover our selection of the best innovations to help you protect your data in the modern world.

Top 5 innovations transforming mobility

From electrified roads to autonomous driving, technology is changing the mobility ecosystem providing greener solutions and higher connectivity for driving safety and efficiency. Discover our pick of the hottest global innovations in our latest Top 5 feature.

Top 5 IoT ideas for a sustainable future

From managing energy in the home to improving efficiency in the agricultural industry, discover how IoT is being used around the world to contribute towards a sustainable future.

Top 5 green ideas for a connected home

Our latest Top 5 feature brings you some of the latest innovative smart home solutions to help you save water, conserve energy and lower your bills while also staying connected.

Top 5 Smart Cities ideas that could boost retail business

From enabling robust IT connectivity to creating more efficient and sustainable urban mobility, Smart Cities can offer great advantages to retail businesses of any size. Find out more in our latest Top 5.

Top 5 Automation Ideas

We have picked some of the most innovative solutions that use automated technologies to improve business operations, increase safety and deliver a more enhanced service across a variety of business sectors.

Top 5 innovations for Earth Day 2018

Our latest Top 5 celebrates Earth Day 2018 with some of the most inspiring business ideas trying to change our attitude and behavior about plastics.