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App creates live gigs anywhere and any time

An augmented reality app allows users to listen to new musicians play concerts anywhere in the world.

Suncream for builders comes in free paint tins

UK retailer has teamed up with charity to develop a new suncream and raise skin cancer awareness in the construction industry.

New augmented reality game encourages theft

Add / Remove Using AR mechanics not unlike Pokemon GO!, Snatch is the latest iOS and Android game that encourages users to go on a real-life treasure hunt seeking digital collectables. The main difference here is that once parcels have been collected, users have to keep them safe for six hours from other players out […]

Dystopian startup simulator lets anyone build a tech giant

The Founder, a game set in a dystopian universe where only growth matters, lets users find talented employees, invest in verticals, and buy out the competition in pursuit of perpetual growth.

Print magazine curates the best web content

Swipe is a free magazine targeting millennials, which curates the best of the internet in print for London’s commuters.

Free co-working space in exchange for online content

Berlin’s Blogfabrik is a co-working space and publication where freelancers can work rent-free in exchange for monthly content contributions.

Name-your-price hotel rooms

FindBed enables customers to book a hotel room at a rate of their choice.

Sponsored apps exchange free data for usage

mCent app store rewards users with mobile data when they download and use sponsored apps.

App creates individually curated experience for any museum

Muzeums is a mobile app that offers curated museum guides for each visitor, based on their profile, interests and learning style.