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What is biometrics?

Our latest Tech Explained helps you understand how biometric technology works to identify someone from their handprints, fingerprints, voice or iris.

Wifi hive monitoring keeps beekeepers informed

Hivemind is a wifi-enabled ‘Fitbit for bees’, helping smaller scale or personal apiaries remotely keep track of hive health at lower costs than commercial satellite monitoring.

Paris hospitals use big data to predict admissions

The Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris group of hospitals is trialling a machine learning analytics system to better manage high demand of health resources.

Software uses big data to predict court decisions

Predictice is an app that provides lawyers with statistics and data on the likely outcome of commercial and social disputes, based on the history of the courts.

Big data for litigation financing

US-based startup uses an algorithm to vet commercial lawsuits and finance those with potential for success.