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Plans for new blockchain phone revealed

A Taiwanese telecoms company has revealed its working on creating a phone that will deliver decentralised applications through blockchain.

What is Blockchain?

As part of our new series Tech Explained, we bring you up to speed with the concept of blockchain.

Blockchain technology used to verify votes in Sierra Leone Election

A financial company has developed proprietary software that provides end-to-end validity of votes using the bitcoin blockchain technology, used recently in Sierra Leone election.

New cryptocurrency aims to tackle climate change

A new cryptocurrency encourages environmentally-friendly businesses to offset their carbon emissions.

Gamified blockchain is built on the Ethereum network

This venture studio created the collectible, breedable cats powered by blockchain that are proving so popular that network traffic has slowed.

Students use blockchain to prevent ticket counterfeiting

Two London students have developed a system to prevent ticket brokers from buying up and reselling event tickets at huge profits.