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Brazilian school invites students to contribute to lesson plans


Perestroika has placed student experience at the heart of its education programs, allowing them to influence their own learning.

We have already seen Singapore-based gaming company Rockmoon develop a smartphone app enabling students to direct their study, and now Perestroika, a new school in Brazil, has placed student experience at the heart of its education programs by enabling them to influence their own learning. The college’s primary objective is to offer courses that are fun and engaging as well as educative, based around Jacques Delors’ four pillars of education – increasing knowledge, turning ideas into activity, being a part of the global community and having meaningful experiences. Offering courses in creative areas, such as advertising, sports journalism and professional cooking, alongside more business-minded options such as digital literacy and consumer behaviour, the teaching is designed to be highly interactive, with the ideas of students being integrated into lesson plans as much as those of the tutor. Through its Project 1:1, Perestroika also teaches a free class to a child from a disadvantaged background for every student that signs up. The video below has more details on the project:
We’ve seen countless examples of crowdsourcing being used to tap the collective brain across a wide range of industries on Springwise in the past, but this is the first time we’ve ever seen the model applied to education. Where else could the power of the crowds be used to shake up traditional models? Spotted by: Erica Oliveira



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