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A crowdfunded, book-publishing platform with non-profit extension


PUBSLUSH is a publisher with a non-profit extension that enables book fans to fund the new novels they wish to see published.

In the same way that UK-based Unbound draws on the crowds to select and fund new titles to be published, PUBSLUSH in New York operates using a similar model with a charitable twist, donating one book to a child in need for every book sold. According to Founder Jesse Potash, PUBSLUSH is a book publisher with a focus on giving. Writers are offered the chance to share ten pages and a summary of their manuscript with readers online, and book fans are given the power to support their favorites. Supporting a book is akin to pre-ordering, and those that attract a thousand supporters or more will be published. Book fans pledge either USD 10, 20, 100 or 500 to fund their preferred stories, and can post comments on the book’s preview page or share excerpts with friends via Facebook. Once a book is published its supporters receive an electronic, printed or signed edition, or an edition with a dedication in the front, depending on the value of their pledge. Supporters only have to honor their pledge once a book reaches one thousand supporters and can withdraw their pledge at any time. According to PUBSLUSH, writers receive higher royalties than in legacy publishing and retain copyright for their work. PUBSLUSH have also created a charitable foundation that targets specific projects helping with illiteracy, and for every PUBSLUSH book sold they donate one book to a child in need. The video below explains PUBSLUSH in more detail:
The PUBSLUSH model gives exposure to new talent while enabling readers to decide what books go to market. A charitable twist on the model is a bonus that can only add to the platform’s appeal. Could a similar model open the doors to fresh creativity in other industries?



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