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A smart scale automates orders for coffee lovers

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A Seattle startup uses smart scales to send fresh coffee beans just as they run out

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Spotted: Seattle coffee startup Bottomless is utilising rechargeable smart scales to keep its drinkers supplied with the freshest beans. The scale is connected to Bottomless and tracks the weight of coffee as its being used.

As the bag of beans becomes lighter, the scale automatically contacts the users’ roaster and orders more coffee. Users can select from around a dozen Seattle-area roasters, and the coffee is sent directly from roaster to drinker.

While still in Beta, Bottomless has gained significant attention from investors. An alum of accelerator Y Combinator, it recently raised nearly €1.7 million from angel investors. The company plans to use the money to fine-tune its machine-learning software and expand out of Beta. It plans to charge a yearly fee and a $2.99 (€2.67) per month delivery charge.



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