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A bar with room service

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Since hotel rooms have mini-bars, why not shake things up and create a bar with room-service? Located in New York’s Flatiron District at 35 E. 21st Street, Room Service is a new nightspot with 9 curtained-off rooms ranging from petite intimate chambers to a roomy presidential suite that offers guests a grand 15 by 20 feet. The private spaces are furnished with couches, chandeliers, a mini-fridge, dvd player and a drawer stocked with mouthwash and condoms (one assumes for patrons to use after they’ve left the premises). Most importantly, guests are appointed a personal butler/bartender who’s instructed to cater to any whim a guest may have — whether it’s a tailor-mixed cocktail, a pair of silk pyjamas or a manicure. Founder Chris Reda came up with the idea in part because he was fed up with bottle service policies at upscale bars and clubs, where patrons buy bottles of liquor or champagne to secure a table or VIP seating. At Room Service, guests rent a room for the evening (USD 350-800) and can then consume as little or as much as they please. It’s a fun idea for the hospitality industry and presents a new approach to VIP treatment. Affluent consumers will no doubt enjoy another opportunity to feel like celebs, with the added amusement of coming up with unusual challenges for the butlers. (Jeeves! Fetch me a hard-boiled egg and a riding crop.) For more bar-side innovation, check out Bacardi Bespoke and member’s bar for everyone. Contact: Chris Reda and Mike Romer – 212-254-5709


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