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A deal a day | Update


Woot!, the ‘one day, one deal’ online retailer we reported on in March, has sprouted a new vine. Sidling up to regular Woot, which offers great bargains mainly on electronics and gadgets, Wine Woot focuses solely on fermented grape juice. Taking it slower at ‘one week, one wine’, Wine Woot came about by popular demand. After offering a Rinfrescante wine for sale, regular Woot was deluged with requests for more wine offerings. Which didn’t seem at all a bad idea. So Woot partnered up with Wine Country Connect, and a new sales channel for discounted wine was born. As Woot explains, wine isn’t all that different from electronic gadgets: “Gadgeteers and oenophiles alike have strong opinions, so we let them sound off in our community forums. And because winemakers make marketing predictions far in advance of product release – just like electronics manufacturers – wine inventory is equally subject to overstock, excess, and end-of-life opportunities.” Makes sense! What’s next?



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