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A luxury deal a day


We first covered “a deal a day” websites in 2006. Since then, the concept has proliferated, with niche and regional players joining the field. Nonetheless, Ideeli, which is due to launch next week, caught our eye. Like Woot and others, Ideeli creates buyer excitement with deep discounts and by only selling one item at a time. Unlike Woot, Ideeli is members-only and new users need an invitation to sign up. Members are alerted by email when sales start. Premium (1st Row) members also receive a cell phone alert and have access to sales one hour earlier than 2nd Row members. The subscription service provides an additional stream of income for Ideeli—1st Row members pay USD 7.99 per week, billed to their cell phone. While in testing mode over the past 6 months, 10 percent of members chose to sign up for 1st Row access. Besides making money through subscriptions and on items sold, Ideeli is also supported by sponsors looking to promote products. Brands can sponsor weekly giveaways or have Ideeli include samples with customer purchases. The New York venture is focusing on the female market, selling luxury handbags, sunglasses and jewellery for 50 to 90% off the original price. As Ideeli puts it: “It’s like a sample sale, but no getting elbowed.” Spotted by: Sara Jacobsen



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