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A simple start-up idea: laminated reference guides!

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BarCharts paved the way as the world's largest provider of laminated reference guides. Only in the US, though. So buy yourself a laminating machine, and get started!

On a regular basis, Springwise receives emails from start-up entrepreneurs requesting new business ideas that don’t require trust funds or cut-throat VCs to get started. Always eager to please, we spotted this simple yet brilliant idea: there’s money to be made in selling laminated, 2- or 4-sided, satchel-sized ‘Quick Study’ guides — from the periodic table of the elements to the basics of Spanish grammar — to consumers at news stands, airport kiosks, and on the web. How is it done? Closely study BarCharts, the world’s largest provider of laminated reference guides. BarCharts started with a handful of subjects and now offer over 250 guides for students, computer users and general home use. They’ve sold 21 million QuickStudy guides, distributed from a 28,000 square foot facility in Boca Raton, Florida. Rest of the world? Wide open! So get yourself a USD 259 (EUR 215) laminating machine, a handful of one-page guides on anything from health to education to business wisdom, and you’re in business. Or partner with BarCharts for an extra fast start. And there’s a B2B twist as well: if you offer tailor-made guides, schools, universities and businesses will be willing customers, too. Who would have thought?


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