The Home Page

On the home page you can instantly start searching the Access database from the central search bar. If you have a particular keyword you would like to search for, enter it and click Search. Using the buttons below, the search can also be filtered by industry, country and timeframe.

You can also browse categories by simply choose a filter (or any combination of filters) and clicking Search without entering a keyword.

Additionally, the Latest Ideas bar shows at a glance some of the most recent ideas we think you’d be interested in based on the industry interests you selected upon creating an account. Clicking an idea will take you directly to that article.

The Search

Using the search function will take you to the Results page. Clicking an idea will load the article, but all of the search results are still easily visible in the sidebar.

My Folders

The green button that appears below each image in the search results and article view gives you the option to add that particular idea to My Folders. Clicking the button loads a menu where you can create a folder or add it to an existing one.

To view all of the ideas in My Folders, simply click the green My Folders tab in the menu bar. Here, you can also organize articles within folders by clicking the Move button.

You can also share your folders – clicking the Share button brings up a menu allowing you to enter in the email addresses of other Springwise Access members. You may send the folder to as many members as you wish.


Each article is available to download for presentations in .pdf format. Click the Download as PDF button to open the file in a new tab, or right click and choose ‘Save link as..’ to save it to your computer.

This feature is also available in the My Folders section, whereby you can download a .pdf of all the ideas in one folder, in the order you have selected.

My Account

In My Account you can update your details and renew your Springwise Access membership.

Tips for Searching


A search with no blue search filters applied will search the database across all industries, countries and dates. Adding a blue search filter will make your search more specific and thereby reduce the number of results returned.

In order to receive more results, while still carrying out a filtered search, it is worth bearing in mind that you can add multiple search filters – ie. run a search across numerous industries and countries.


Keywords operate in the opposite way – the more you add in, the less results you will get. For example, searching for ‘Facebook’ will return all of the articles in the database that mention Facebook. Searching for ‘Facebook Twitter’ will only return results that mention both Facebook and Twitter.

In order to receive more results, keep the number of keywords to a minimum and try not to be too specific.


Think outside the box! Some of the best sources of inspiration may not lie in the most obvious industries or countries in relation to your project.

By keeping your searches wide you will receive more search results and improve your chances of finding truly revolutionary inspiration from areas you may not have expected.

To download this page as a .pdf, click here.